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The Jay Hill Band

The Jay Hill Band

With so much variety in the music from Jay Hill it’s no wonder that there would be so much variety in the band itself.  Originally from Pittsburgh, PA now living in Orlando, FL, Jay has pieced together what will be one of the coolest rock bands on the East Coast to provide the backbone of his brand of “Funkabilly Rockternative”, a combination of rock, funk, blues, progressive, alternative and some classical and metal just for fun building off diverse influences like The Beatles, Foo Fighters, Billy Joel, Electric Light Orchestra, and the Kelly Bell Band.


The stars quickly aligned for Jay after moving to Orlando in 2015.  He was soon accepted by Full Sail University’s Artist Relations director Dale Rock (former drummer of Molly Hatchet) to be one of their recording artists and shortly after he began working on the follow-up to his 2012 debut “Ballads of Id”, recorded in Dublin, Ireland by Irish filmmaker, musician and producer Quintin Ahern (Army of Id).  With a huge backlog of songs in his bag he immediately found himself working with Grammy-Award winning engineer Juan Covas and engineers Jason Dale, Jon Larosa, and Addison Rivard at the controls.  Word spread throughout Orlando and the top studio musicians on the area were enlisted to help complete the recordings including Brian Morgan (bassist for Kashif and Kenny G), Toronto guitarist and songwriter George Grossman, drummers Jorge Villar and Rich Elkins.  Also featured will be violinist Tanner Johnson, who will appear on many of the songs on the new album along with Pittsburgh guitarist Brian Koval and Dublin artists, producer and guitarist Phil Campbell and vocalist Camille Blanche.


In early 2017, Brett Hestla (of Creed, Dark New Day, and Virgo’s Merlot) stepped in to not only produce the album but to play on six of the tracks.  Shortly thereafter The Jay Hill Band was signed to Swade Records out of Pittsburgh, PA with plans to release the songs before the end of the year.


To build off of the star-studded recordings Jay Hill has enlisted the support of some of the best live musicians in his hometown of Pittsburgh and in Orlando where he splits his time throughout the year.  The band will be hitting the stage in the North East region in the summer of 2017 and then moving south to Florida later in the year.